Bands/Artists/Management/Labels I have worked with:

Alea Jacta Est, Alex R, Bridge, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, The Earl Grey, Fearless Records, Expire, Former Life, The Great Divide, Man Overboard, MJ116...


Substream Magazine, Alternativ News, Spread Their Sound, Buzznet.com, Coup de Main Magazine, RockUrLife, Respect Your Youngers, La Clef...


Alternative Live, Emergenza Festival, ExpaTRIés Triathlon Club, Louvreuse, The Happy Project, PVTiste.net, Kiwill, One Heartbeat Productions, Red Bull France, Red Bull Studio, Red Bull Taiwan...

Photo for Man Overboard shirt merch.

Photo for Man Overboard shirt merch.

Red Bull Taiwan publication with MJ116. Link.